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My name is Marie-Jeanne,

born decades ago in Kobe, Japan

and like most children, I dream to have a dog.


I waited until 2003 when my children and I got our first dog,

a York named Idefix and in 2004 we got Yalah, a little Mix from a shelter.


It looks like my dream had come true! 


But no, because I had discovered Golden Retrievers.


I had to wait for a Sunday in February 2007,

with my children we decided to go and see the dog show at the Forum in Fribourg.

It was there that I met Brigitte and her gorgeous Golden Retriever du Plateau des Bories.


Following this meeting, we were able to welcome in May 2007,

our first Golden Retriever

Chester Highland's King du Plateau des Bories


It was with Chester and the help of his breeder Brigitte,

that I took my first steps in shows and  also discovered the hunting work.

In 2014 I took my first step into breeding

the name Kerrington Golden Retriever has been protected by the FCI.


 In 2018 I was happy to welcome my lovely Madison of Magic Hearts Dream Rose

I named her Nara, after the National Park near Kyoto in Japan,


and in 2020 came my sweet Terra di Siena Appassionata 

named after that delicious Japanese dessert.

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